Having a small garden doesn’t mean you cannot have the garden you want. Following are some favorite landscaping Medford 97504 Oregon ideas to help you maximize a small space.

How to Create a Functional Outdoor Room
You can quickly turn a patio into a functional outdoor room and add a freestanding pergola. By doing this, you create a sense of enclosure that makes the patio seem larger than it actually is.

Using Gravel
Crushed gravel or brick is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for smaller gardens. It is a lot easier to use and not as costly as flagstone or brick. Ensure you spread a layer of landscaping fabric under the gravel to keep weeds at bay. The nice thing about gravel is that it lets rainfall percolate through your soil rather than running off.

Put Trees to Good Use
You may have a few trees around with bare spots under them. Why not utilize these barren areas to create an outdoor living space? You could pave part of the area using flagstone and add a table and chairs.

Tip – When you’re doing decorating work under a large tree, be sure you leave the exposed roots alone and do not raise the grade around the base of the tree.

Adding a Pond
Common believe dictates that you need to have a big garden to have a water garden feature. This is not so. In fact, installing a water garden is an excellent way to take care of wet or low spots in your small garden. Just dig out the area, then add a pond liner and pump, and you are good to go. Having a tiny oasis does wonders and will attract a wide range of birds and colorful butterflies.

Double Your Pleasure
Get twice as many vegetables and flowers in your small garden by adding a low fence or trellis behind every planting bed. This way, you get to grow any vine crops vertically, so they do not sprawl over their plant neighbors.

If you happen to have a narrow garden bed, then a trio of rustic wooden trellis would adequately support your flowering vines towards the back of the perennial border.

Say Welcome to Wildlife
Even with a small garden, you can do a lot to ensure it becomes a haven for birds and butterflies when making use of the right flowers. Add to that a birdhouse and bird feeder, and you have your own wildlife sanctuary.

What About Adding a Mowing Strip?
By installing a mowing strip at the edge of your garden’s border, you get to keep turf grass from invading your garden beds. Just ask your landscaping Medford Oregon expert about some options regarding landscape designs that would keep weeds at bay while it simultaneously acts as a low-maintenance garden path. This way you can also ensure mud-free access to the remainder of your garden for mowers, wheelbarrows, and the like.

Put Every Inch of Your Backyard to Work by Eliminating Lawns
Remove excess lawns so you may create a functional outdoor living space with ease. Consult with your local Medford landscaper about the best way to tear up your turf and replace it using a gravel base to support some flower-filled containers and a lovely looking dining table. Can you imagine how much time you’ll save not having to fret about mowing the lawn?
https://media.defense.gov/2012/Jul/24/2000131525/-1/-1/0/120719-F-ZE476-005.JPGBoost Your Small Garden in a Stylish Manner
All you have to do is add an arbor or oversized gate at one end of your garden to serve as a focal point. You are sure to draw the eye in of any visitors who would regard the small space to be larger than it actually is. Who knows, you may even be able to support a crown of climbing roses or other creepers of your choice.

Put Some Curves into Your Garden Paths
Another excellent way to create a sense of extra space is to put a bit of curve into your walkways. It is much better than a straight path as it gives visitors a sense that they are traveling through a larger landscape. Ask your landscaping professional in Medford for tips on how to ensure the pathway is wide enough to allow for two people to walk side by side comfortably.

There you have it, some practical tips on how to make the most of your already small garden. Check out MedfordLandscapingPros.com’s landscape maintenance checklist for more information.

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