Landscaping Medford Oregon Small Garden Ideas

Having a small garden doesn’t mean you cannot have the garden you want. Following are some favorite landscaping Medford 97504 Oregon ideas to help you maximize a small space.

How to Create a Functional Outdoor Room
You can quickly turn a patio into a functional outdoor room and add a freestanding pergola. By doing this, you create a sense of enclosure that makes the patio seem larger than it actually is.

Using Gravel
Crushed gravel or brick is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for smaller gardens. It is a lot easier to use and not as costly as flagstone or brick. Ensure you spread a layer of landscaping fabric under the gravel to keep weeds at bay. The nice thing about gravel is that it lets rainfall percolate through your soil rather than running off.

Put Trees to Good Use
You may have a few trees around with bare spots under them. Why not utilize these barren areas to create an outdoor living space? You could pave part of the area using flagstone and add a table and chairs.

Tip – When you’re doing decorating work under a large tree, be sure you leave the exposed roots alone and do not raise the grade around the base of the tree.

Adding a Pond
Common believe dictates that you need to have a big garden to have a water garden feature. This is not so. In fact, installing a water garden is an excellent way to take care of wet or low spots in your small garden. Just dig out the area, then add a pond liner and pump, and you are good to go. Having a tiny oasis does wonders and will attract a wide range of birds and colorful butterflies.

Double Your Pleasure
Get twice as many vegetables and flowers in your small garden by adding a low fence or trellis behind every planting bed. This way, you get to grow any vine crops vertically, so they do not sprawl over their plant neighbors.

If you happen to have a narrow garden bed, then a trio of rustic wooden trellis would adequately support your flowering vines towards the back of the perennial border.

Say Welcome to Wildlife
Even with a small garden, you can do a lot to ensure it becomes a haven for birds and butterflies when making use of the right flowers. Add to that a birdhouse and bird feeder, and you have your own wildlife sanctuary.

What About Adding a Mowing Strip?
By installing a mowing strip at the edge of your garden’s border, you get to keep turf grass from invading your garden beds. Just ask your landscaping Medford Oregon expert about some options regarding landscape designs that would keep weeds at bay while it simultaneously acts as a low-maintenance garden path. This way you can also ensure mud-free access to the remainder of your garden for mowers, wheelbarrows, and the like.

Put Every Inch of Your Backyard to Work by Eliminating Lawns
Remove excess lawns so you may create a functional outdoor living space with ease. Consult with your local Medford landscaper about the best way to tear up your turf and replace it using a gravel base to support some flower-filled containers and a lovely looking dining table. Can you imagine how much time you’ll save not having to fret about mowing the lawn? Your Small Garden in a Stylish Manner
All you have to do is add an arbor or oversized gate at one end of your garden to serve as a focal point. You are sure to draw the eye in of any visitors who would regard the small space to be larger than it actually is. Who knows, you may even be able to support a crown of climbing roses or other creepers of your choice.

Put Some Curves into Your Garden Paths
Another excellent way to create a sense of extra space is to put a bit of curve into your walkways. It is much better than a straight path as it gives visitors a sense that they are traveling through a larger landscape. Ask your landscaping professional in Medford for tips on how to ensure the pathway is wide enough to allow for two people to walk side by side comfortably.

There you have it, some practical tips on how to make the most of your already small garden. Check out’s landscape maintenance checklist for more information.

Contemporary Ashland Radiators – Repair and Replacement Procedures

There is wisdom in paying attention to your engine temperature gauge and stopping any signs of overheating in its tracks. After all, an overheated engine can suffer damage like warped cylinder head, which in turn may lead to other problems, like a blown head gasket

How would one display the necessary caution when attempting contemporary radiator repairs in Ashland?

The thing is that modern radiators typically have a separate overflow reservoir indicating the proper coolant level. On some vehicles, the coolant can be checked via the radiator cap once the engine is cold enough. Some manufacturers may use a sealed system with no accessible radiator cap.

Take care never to loosen the radiator cap when the engine is hot – scalding coolant will spray out.

To check the coolant level in the radiator once the engine is cool, press down on the radiator cap and ensure you rotate it counterclockwise two positions before removing it.

You should be able to notice the coolant through the open filler neck. If you’ve just replaced the radiator or a hose or have flushed the radiator, you will need to fill it here.

If you are refilling an empty cooling system, mix equal parts coolant and water using a clean container then pour from that.

An inexpensive tool some Ashland Radiator repair specialists use to fill radiators features a reservoir that attaches like a radiator cap at the filler neck. You should pour coolant until it fills the bottom of the reservoir and run the engine with the tool attached. Add coolant if the reservoir empties. When no more coolant flows into the radiator, insert a plunger style plug to seal the reservoir, then remove the tool and install the radiator cap.

Your radiator has an overflow reservoir. If the pressure reaches too high in the radiator, the cap will release pressure and expel some coolant into the reservoir. As the system cools down and pressure drops, it will draw some coolant back into the radiator.

The overflow container should always have some coolant in it. A marker will indicate where the level should be when the system is cold or hot. If the reservoir is low, add coolant until the level is just above the COLD fill line.

Note: Your cooling system is filled with the antifreeze concentration the manufacturer recommends, usually a 50/50 coolant and water mix.

Some coolants come premixed, so you need to read the label. Use a funnel and pour slowly to avoid a spill. If you’ve drained the cooling system, it will contain air that must be displaced with coolant. To do so, grab and squeeze a radiator hose a couple of times as you fill.

Be patient, you will need to add coolant slowly to allow air to escape and the system to fill completely.

You Should Check the Fluid Concentration
When your radiator is cold, take care to remove the radiator cap. Squeeze the rubber bulb on the antifreeze tester. Insert the tube into the radiator filler neck and release the bulb.

Draw coolant out until it fills the plastic reservoir and read the indicator. It will show the freezing point of your coolant mixture. This point must be below the lowest temperatures experienced in your area. If the strength is too weak, add pure antifreeze coolant; if it is too strong, add distilled water, then retest.

How Would You Go About Changing the Radiator Cap and Thermostat?
Radiator caps are spring loaded to maintain a certain amount of pressure in the system. When cooling system pressure is too high, the spring loaded seal is forced upward, releasing pressure and allowing coolant to escape into the overflow reservoir. It is not a bad idea to replace your radiator cap every few years, or according to manufacturer recommendations, to be sure it seats and functions properly. To remove with the engine cold, push firmly down with the palm of your gloved hand and twist the cap counterclockwise.

On most vehicles, the thermostat is located where the top radiator hose connects to its housing. Removing the thermostat housing will typically release some coolant, so position a drain pan accordingly. Better yet, drain the radiator down to a level below the thermostat housing.

Be sure you use the correct socket or open-end wrench to reach and loosen the thermostat housing bolts.

When you remove the housing, you need to note where it is positioned on the engine.

Once you are done replacing the thermostat, you need to run the engine and check for leaks.

Radiator repair specialists in Ashland will provide you with much-needed advice at any time of the day. Speak to Medford Radiator should you require some solid technical support. When searching for ‘radiator shops near me‘, think of

Where Else Will You Find State of the Art Pump Repair Grants Pass?

Someone once commented by saying when you look for people to work for you, they need to resemble three top qualities, namely – integrity, intelligence, and energy. What you need most is the first of these as the last two would kill you if you don’t have it. Siskiyou pump services made these qualities part of what they stand for and look for the qualities when they hire new employees.

Well flow testing is mostly carried out for Real Estate transactions. It requires four hours of continual testing and two types of meters; 1) to measure the output of water in gallons per minute, and 2) to measure the water level in a well.

What is the General Outcome of Well Flow Testing?

  • Once the water levels drop to match the intake of the pump, you can establish the true well production, gauged by the flow meter.
  • Water levels will stop dropping, resulting in the maximum output of a pump not exceeding the capacity of the well.
  • Water levels will drop too slowly towards the end of the 4th hour and stand in the way of one determining the maximum pump gallons per minute.
  • Your irrigation needs would be met.
  • You would not have lost productivity.

Opting for a professional well testing Grants Pass determines the true gallons per minute reading of your new well. Navigate over to the Siskiyou Pump website, to learn more about ‘flow testing’.

Before the drilling and pump repair Grants Pass company leaves, they need to conduct an air test to give you an idea of your well’s gpm. For this, they would have to install a test pump.

Image result for well pump repair

Well Water Filtration

Just before the water leaves the well, it goes through what is known as the most complex, yet natural filtration system around – the earth. However, some places have very high concentrations of the mineral that stays in the water after it was pumped from your well.
Some of the primary reasons why well water filtration is needed would be the presence of:

  • Calcium due to limescale residue
  • Sulphur due to the rotten egg smell it gives off.
  • Sodium
  • Iron that causes staining and orange water.
  • Clay due to staining and discoloration
  • Nitrate
  • Iodine
  • Acidity

The first steps toward finding a resolution to avoiding an overload of minerals in your water system would be proper testing and equipment sizing.

Every now and again, you will discover the presence of bacteria in the pumped water. This could be because the water source is too near the well for one to fully benefit from the natural filtration abilities of the earth. Either that or the well is too old to the extent that the seal became flawed.

Often, all you need is a simple chlorination to ensure bacteria-laden water is safe for consumption and drinkable. Some other solutions are to install a UV light unit that only requires a yearly service.
Siskiyou pump service is proud to bring Grants Pass superior well water repair  and installation services.

Caring for Your Well Water Hand Pumps
Hindsight is 20/20, which is why it is crucial to plan ahead of time and prepare by having a well water hand pump ready, so you will not have to say – “I wish I had water now” once your system fails.
You never know when you will be faced with power outages that can leave you without water for days.

With improved durability and performance, customized hand pumps offer impressive pressure. Often a pressure pump or tank is pressurized over great lengths and elevations.

Whether it is an ease of installation, cost feasibility, or added peace-of-mind, hand pumps are excellent to fall back on during water emergencies.

Luckily, there are many applications and styles to make your selection from. Consult with Siskiyou pump service to determine the best fit.

The pump services offered by them include:

  • New Installations
  • Constant Pressure Systems
  • Holding Tank Systems
  • Well Testing
  • Water Treatment
  • Chlorination
  • Water Purification
  • Water Sampling
  • Emergency Pump Service
  • Residential pump repairs
  • Commercial pump repairs
  • Well Cleanouts
  • Agriculture Water Systems
  • Solar Pumps
  • Turbine pump repairs and rebuild

Pump repair specialists in Grants Pass offer emergency services to various areas for your convenience. Drilling location info and quotes are gladly given.

Social media presence and advertisement ensure that Siskiyou Pump Service remains healthy and strong well into the 21st Century.

For more information visit:


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